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AircraftBroker.com Airplane Brokerage Services

Aircraft Broker February 21, 2018

Aircraft Broker
Our Aircraft Brokerage Department will help you in the sale of your plane for a fee. Avoid the tire kickers and accountability problems and let AircraftBroker.com represent your interests from begin to finish. We guarantee a smooth transaction. Normally, we’re able to sell most airplane with in 60 to 90 days. What does the broker service include? A market evaluation will be provided by AircraftBroker.com. This service offers current market analysis before promoting the aircraft, so the value is truly understood by the customer. AircraftBroker.com pays for all advertising and marketing expenditures related to the sale.

In addition to advertising your aircraft within AircraftBroker.com we also advertise in all the major publications such as The Controller, ASO, Trade-A Plane Online,  and more. AircraftBroker.com will accept the liability and trades. Often times is the differentiation between selling and not selling this aircraft. AircraftBroker.com will handle all discussions which pertain to the sale. AircraftBroker.com will provide you progress reports on a daily basis. AircraftBroker.com has pilots accessible to demonstrate the airplane. AircraftBroker buyer will cover all expenses regarding shipping, flight demonstration, and the pre purchase evaluation. Upon approval and sale of the plane, AircraftBroker.com will organize the paperwork necessary for all contracts, application for enrollment, and closing including the title hunt.

Will my airplane have to be based at a AircraftBroker.com facility? This is optional. You can continue to operate the airplane until it’s Sold or AircraftBroker.com will take ownership of the airplane and store this in our large heated hanger and no cost to you. A sharp looking airplane sells for an average of $3, 000 more than an airplane that’s not properly detailed. We’re able to offer immediate access to the aircraft. The vast majority of buyers want their mechanic to conduct this pre purchase inspection. Normally, a brokered airplane based at our facility, sells 1 month sooner than an airplane based at an alternate location.

Why should you employ AircraftBroker.com? Saves you time. You avoid liability issues. You avoid the tire kickers. AircraftBroker.com will be capable to obtain a higher selling price. AircraftBroker.com will pay for advertising and marketing expenses. AircraftBroker.com will offer professional guidance and advice. AircraftBroker.com will handle all discussions which pertain to the sale. AircraftBroker.com can accept a trade, which exposes your airplane to more buyers. AircraftBroker.com has been in business since 2001. AircraftBroker has a fantastic reputation. AircraftBroker.com will provide references. AircraftBroker.com stands for honesty, ethics, credibility, quality products, and client support. AircraftBroker.com has sold airplanes for clients all around the world.

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Using An Aircraft Broker To Buy an Aircraft or Sell An Aircraft

Aircraft Broker October 11, 2011

Top Reasons Why You Need an Aircraft Broker if You Want to Buy Aircraft or Sell Your Aircraft

Are you looking to buy or sell your aircraft? Your first step should ideally be to find a reputable aircraft broker for the job. Agreed that most people may see this as an additional expense but if you consider all the pros and cons you’ll see that the benefits far out weight the costs of hiring an aircraft broker for the job.

Firstly, let’s start by identifying what exactly does an aircraft broker do?

An aircraft broker, also called an airplane broker basically brings the buyer and seller together in the purchasing and selling of an aircraft. The aircraft broker, in most cases introduces buyers to people wanting the sell their planes. When it comes to actually buying a plane, you may think why do I need to hire a professional to help me with that? Well, think again! There are several questions you need to ask yourself including: Are you an experienced pilot? Do you know quite a lot about the current airplane market? If you’re not so confident, an aircraft broker can help.

Most of the times an aircraft broker can actually find you a much better deal because they have connections and know what to bargain for. They’ll also make sure there are no loose ends in the contract. Just like a good real estate agent, an aircraft broker can handle everything from the negotiations to doing all the paperwork. Purchasing an aircraft, just like buying a house, is a huge investment – you want to make sure you’re covered and protected – that’s where a trustworthy aircraft broker with experience comes in.

Still not convinced? This should drill it right in – In the past couple of years there have been quite a few airplane buying scams. Here’s what scammers do: they copy totally legitimate aircraft listings and list it themselves for a marginally low price that’s almost too good to be true. Seeing this as a great deal, unsuspecting buyers reply to the listing whereby they are told to put forth a deposit to seal the deal. The money goes into the bank accounts of these scammers and the buyer is robbed out of hard-earned savings. Don’t let this be you. A reputable aircraft broker will make sure the entire process and contract is legal and genuine from the start.

Finding a good aircraft broker is the first step in selling your airplane or finding the aircraft of your dreams. In most cases, you actually end up saving money because the aircraft broker truly understands what you’re looking for in buying either a new or used plane. You might not even be totally aware of recent market conditions, so an aircraft broker will make sure you’re not over-paying for an older model. An experienced airplane broker will also ensure that they show you the best aircraft available in the market for your budget and help you steer clear from what might seem to be a great deal but actually is NOT a good deal after all.

So to conclude, initially it might cost you to hire an aircraft broker, but in most cases it will take the hassle of buying or selling an aircraft out of your hands, and put it safely in the hands of an expert. This will most likely not only help save you more money but will also make it a much more pleasurable experience for you – especially if you’re investing in your dream plane!

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